Permanent Fat Burning: Exercise

‘Make the sweat and shed the fat’!!

Yes there is no magical way to reduce body fat other than exercise. A simple rule to reduce body fat is to burn more calories than you consume. Looks like simple logic right??  Not yet!! For example if one person is having BMR – basal metabolic rate ; meaning at rate which body burns fat at rest, is 2000 calories then to maintain the current weight he need to take at least 2000 calories . Approximately 3500 calories makes a 500 g of fat, so if he cut down 500 calories from his daily intake he would create a deficit of 500×7 = 3500 calories a week. Meaning at the end of the month he should be able to reduce 2kgs of weight. And if he continues it, he would be able to reduce 24 kgs a year, and then he might vanish within 3-4 years. But do you anything mentioned such as  happened with any one??No And do you know why?? The answer is our unique digestion system, and a wonderful feature known as ‘starvation response’.  Whenever we do not take the sufficient calories to maintain our weight, our system senses it and starts action against it. Continue reading “Permanent Fat Burning: Exercise”