Oedema – water retention

Have you ever feel heavy and bloated upon wake up in the morning? Ever feet, ankle and abdomen appears swollen, tender or bloated?? Its oedema or simply water retention,, It affects mainly feet ankles and abdomen, And in sever condition it can affect face too.

When body becomes incapable of managing mineral levels, it starts collecting water in several places, one of the reasons for oedema might be dehydration too, as when body senses the level of water is less in the body, it holds on the water it has in the body. Continue reading “Oedema – water retention”

Permanent Fat Burning: Water and Fat Loss

Let me share with you one secret to successful fat loss , sometimes back after a exhausting session of cardio exercise, I was feeling very tired, and my fitness trainer told me that, if he can give me something that can almost instantly increase my strength and capacity for aerobic exercise, plus he told me that that substance has no side effects. I was thinking that he must be talking about some steroid kind of drug, but to my surprise, he offered me a glass of water, yes aft after having water i felt replenished, fresh and ready to hit another vigorous exercise session.

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