Urinary Tract Infection and Natural Remedies

Frequent travelling in job, stress at work, other priorities at a time and sometimes due to unavailability of public urinal places, makes us to withhold the urge to urinate, that makes us more prone to urinary tract infection – in short UTI. One of the reasons of UTI might be dehydration, when body is dehydrated, body tends to retain the water it has in the body, so less frequent urination makes the urine more concentrate and provides environment to growth of bacteria causing UTI.

The common symptoms are unusual pain in lower abdomen, burning sensation, heaviness in flanks, especially while passing urine, cloudy urine with unpleasant odour; with severe infection it may cause nausea and fever too.

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Oedema – water retention

Have you ever feel heavy and bloated upon wake up in the morning? Ever feet, ankle and abdomen appears swollen, tender or bloated?? Its oedema or simply water retention,, It affects mainly feet ankles and abdomen, And in sever condition it can affect face too.

When body becomes incapable of managing mineral levels, it starts collecting water in several places, one of the reasons for oedema might be dehydration too, as when body senses the level of water is less in the body, it holds on the water it has in the body. Continue reading “Oedema – water retention”

Don’t As’salt’ your body

When we are talking about salt, among its compounds sodium (40%) and chloride (60%), we are talking about sodium.. which is an essential mineral. It is important for many functions like   controlling the fluid balance in your body , transmitting electric nerve impulses, contracting muscles(including Heart), absorbing nutrients across cell membranes, maintaining body’s acid/base balance etc. You must be thinking that if this mineral has such interesting and important profile than why is it pictured as culprit that causes high blood pressure and eventually cardiac problems?? Continue reading “Don’t As’salt’ your body”

Permanent Fat Burning: Water and Fat Loss

Let me share with you one secret to successful fat loss , sometimes back after a exhausting session of cardio exercise, I was feeling very tired, and my fitness trainer told me that, if he can give me something that can almost instantly increase my strength and capacity for aerobic exercise, plus he told me that that substance has no side effects. I was thinking that he must be talking about some steroid kind of drug, but to my surprise, he offered me a glass of water, yes aft after having water i felt replenished, fresh and ready to hit another vigorous exercise session.

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Permanent Fat Burning: Eat Your Breakfast

To start your day filled with energy and keep it energized all the day ,its very important to eat your breakfast. When we wake up, our body is in fasting state , because its at least 8-10 hours past we have ate anything , so our nutrient stores are almost empty and if we skip the breakfast, our body will activate the starvation response system. Continue reading “Permanent Fat Burning: Eat Your Breakfast”

Permanent Fat Burning: Exercise

‘Make the sweat and shed the fat’!!

Yes there is no magical way to reduce body fat other than exercise. A simple rule to reduce body fat is to burn more calories than you consume. Looks like simple logic right??  Not yet!! For example if one person is having BMR – basal metabolic rate ; meaning at rate which body burns fat at rest, is 2000 calories then to maintain the current weight he need to take at least 2000 calories . Approximately 3500 calories makes a 500 g of fat, so if he cut down 500 calories from his daily intake he would create a deficit of 500×7 = 3500 calories a week. Meaning at the end of the month he should be able to reduce 2kgs of weight. And if he continues it, he would be able to reduce 24 kgs a year, and then he might vanish within 3-4 years. But do you anything mentioned such as  happened with any one??No And do you know why?? The answer is our unique digestion system, and a wonderful feature known as ‘starvation response’.  Whenever we do not take the sufficient calories to maintain our weight, our system senses it and starts action against it. Continue reading “Permanent Fat Burning: Exercise”

Weight loss v/s Fat loss

‎”Weight is largely meaningless as an index of fitness, health, physical attractiveness, or practically anything else related to human beings. what matters is body composition, not weight. Body fat percentage is a measure of body composition. Unlike weight, body fat percentage addresses the all important questions of what your body is made up of.” -Rob Faigin, author of “Natural Hormonal Enhancement”.

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Vitamins & Minerals: Natural or Suppliment??

Vitamins and minerals are essential for normal functioning and without them one cannot survive, although our body requires minute amounts of them. Most of the nutrition expert will agree that the best way to get all the vitamins & minerals you need is to eat a balanced, varied diet. Now the real question comes up..Do we really eat the “Balanced Diet”??  Do we have variations in our food that much?  Ask these questions yourself, Continue reading “Vitamins & Minerals: Natural or Suppliment??”