Weight loss v/s Fat loss

‎”Weight is largely meaningless as an index of fitness, health, physical attractiveness, or practically anything else related to human beings. what matters is body composition, not weight. Body fat percentage is a measure of body composition. Unlike weight, body fat percentage addresses the all important questions of what your body is made up of.” -Rob Faigin, author of “Natural Hormonal Enhancement”.

‎”Losing weight is the wrong goal. You should forget about your weight and instead concentrate on shedding fat and gaining muscle!”-Dr, William Evans, author of “Biomarkers”. Continue reading “Weight loss v/s Fat loss”

Vitamins & Minerals: Natural or Suppliment??

Vitamins and minerals are essential for normal functioning and without them one cannot survive, although our body requires minute amounts of them. Most of the nutrition expert will agree that the best way to get all the vitamins & minerals you need is to eat a balanced, varied diet. Now the real question comes up..Do we really eat the “Balanced Diet”??  Do we have variations in our food that much?  Ask these questions yourself, Continue reading “Vitamins & Minerals: Natural or Suppliment??”

How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally

In diabetes body is not able to manage the large amount of glucose, so you need to take care of it. The most efficient way is to watch the portion size.  Reduce your regular portion size by half, and yes after an interval you can again take the other half. It is very important to have 6-8 small sized meals instead of 2-3 large meals. So body can get its fuel at regular interval of time. The same reason as said above, the as body is not able to manage the sugar, supply it slowly and steadily, instead of oversupply and then starving. Continue reading “How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally”

Defeat the DIABETES

If we put in simple words diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders, currently incurable condition in which too much sugar is present in the blood. To understand what happens, let’s first look into details of basic metabolic activity.

When we eat food, it gets broken down in intestine into Simple sugar and then absorbed in the blood stream to get distributed.  Since we don’t eat continuously our Body has system to regulate the blood sugar to a constant level. So right after the meal when blood sugar level is high, the body stores the excess glucose in the lever in the form of Glycogen. And when blood sugar level is down, body metabolize the glycogen and releases glucose in the blood. Let’s see the whole process in detail. The key role in the whole process is played by two hormones. Insulin and Glucagon. Continue reading “Defeat the DIABETES”


The cholesterol is very essential substance produced by liver, that is used in formation of many important compounds including vitamin D, biles, metabolism acids, hormone synthesis like estrogen and testosterone. The amount of cholesterol required to do its functions is produced by liver, so if food we eat also contribute the cholesterol, the excess remains in the blood stream, get stored in arteries, which in turn be reason for heart attack. Continue reading “Cholesterol”