Well being or being well. Don’t we all always want to be well?  What does it actually mean? When someone comments “Hope you are doing well” does it just mean being in good health? A well shaped body  might contain stressed up mind with lots of fears and insecurities!  Would you call that “Well” then?

Our ancestors have rightly said that “Health is Wealth”. But being healthy simply does not mean absence of illness. It’s about having a fit body and a stable mental as well as emotional state of mind in order to live life at the fullest. In order to achieve this we need to harmonize our mind, body & soul.

In this site, what you will find is how to maintain the rhythm of your body& mind. You will find information on human anatomy, facts that may surprise you, and something that you never knew. Men & woman both have different body type, hence different solutions for different problems. Information on how to combat mental as well as physical illness & their remedies. Pregnancy & parenting go hand in hand, the more information you have on it, the better. Go ahead & immerse into the fountain of wellness to enjoy a healthy life. Next time if someone asks you hope you are doing well, you can truly & proudly say “Yes, I am doing well. Thank you”

May you live a vibrant LIFE!!


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