Some Selenium please!

Who says minerals are only found in mines? They are also present in our body. Besides vitamins, our body also requires minerals to function. Selenium, a trace mineral plays an important role in many bodily functions. Though it is present in almost every cell of the body, kidneys, spleen, liver & pancreas have a higher content.

Why do we need Selenium?

• Prevents strokes by thinning blood
• It is a immune system booster as it fights viruses, cold, infections & bacteria
• Since selenium has antioxidant properties, it regenerates Vitamin E & C
• It is beneficial in skin infections, acne & dandruff
• It is important in thyroid hormone metabolism
• Selenium enhances male fertility by increasing sperm motility

What happens when we don’t take enough ?

If you don’t take selenium too seriously, you can end up with diseases like cancer, thyroid, cataracts or even growth retardation. So it is essential to include food rich in this mineral in your daily diet.

Where do you get Selenium from?

Some sources from food include garlic, onion, herring, tuna fish, cereals, bran, bread, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, broccoli, fermented foods, grape juice, mushroom, alfalfa, cabbage, sea vegetables, tomato, molasses, eggs, kidney, and liver.

A word of caution:

Do not exceed the daily recommended dose of selenium as too much of it will not benefit, but harm your body. It results in loss of hair, nail, teeth, skin inflammation & fatigue.
I hope you understand the importance of minerals that maintain a low key but are equally essential for our body.

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