Mighty minerals – Calcium


There are basically 13 vitamins and 22 minerals which are important for our body to perform its day to day activities and carry out many functions. Some are required in very large quantities and some required in only minute amounts. Calcium and potassium are among the mighty minerals which are required in large amount and they are extremely important to our body, you will be surprised to know that the 99% of the calcium you consume is getting stored in bones and the other 1 % is located in body fluids where it helps to regulate functions such as blood pressure , nerve transmission, muscle contraction – including heart beat, clotting of blood and secretion of hormones and digestive enzymes.

How do we get it?

Most of the dairy products are great sources of calcium lets see some of the richest sources of calcium from food. In other sources the grain Ragi – red millet is the grain richest in calcium, and oil seeds like Til (sesame seeds/gingelly)  are great in calcium. Lets see the amount of calcium in various foods.

Til  100 g – 1450 mg
Ragi  100g – 344 mg
Fenugreek leaves 100 g – 395 mg
Dry coconut  100g –  400 mg
Milk  1 cup – 300 mg
Yogurt 1 cup – 270 mg
Cheese  20 g- 160 mg

How much do we require daily?

Most of the adult males and elderly persons require about 1200 mg/day. While women require average 1300 mg/d while children of age 1-3 yrs and 4-8 yrs requires 500 mg and 800 mg /day respectively.  This requirement can be completed by consuming 2 cups of milk and 1 cup of curd per day. But if you feel you are unable to complete the requirement specially  for women while pregnant or lactating should take supplement.

What happens if we don’t get enough?

Imagine your bones as your calcium bank. Over the years you can develop bones rich in calcium by consuming plenty of calcium rich foods and/or supplement tablets. Keep up the good work and your bones will stay calcium rich.
on the other hand, regularly missing !! this mineral will mess up many things.  Since the body fluid need calcium to regulate normal body functions and if it doesn’t get it from food, it borrow it from the calcium bank – the bones. Borrowing day after day, year after year  will deplete the savings account and leave you with hollow and easily broken, brittle bones – the condition of “OSTEOPOROSIS”.

What happens if we overdose it?

Its likely not possible to overdose the calcium from natural food sources , but yes from supplements its quite far possible , for example if someone is taking vitamin D supplement then it would increase calcium absorption in body can cause adverse effects like stomach ache, nausea and vomiting, it can lead to mental confusion, irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure etc.

Plus too much calcium can impair the absorption of Zinc and iron. So need to ensure the added consumption of these minerals.


So as we know that HEALTH is real WEALTH, dont miss this mineral!! Calcium is best absorbed at night while we sleep, so a glass of milk before bed will make it to the strong bones!! And strong bones means better posture, increased lean body mass – good tool to FAT Loss!!

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