Vitamin E-ssential

    Vitamin E aids in formation & functioning of red blood cells, it also helps in the process of blood clotting along with vitamin K. This vitamin helps in repair of the tissues by improving blood circulation & promotes healing. 

    Being a powerful anti oxidant, Vitamin E fights against free radicals and protects the body against cancer. Heart disease can be avoided by intake of Vitamin E as it prevents the oxidation of LDL or bad cholesterol. Recent research indicates that vitamin E taken along with vitamin C is beneficial in prevention of neurological disease like Alzheimer’s. Because of Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties, it is also proven to be effective in treating osteoarthritis. The vitamin is essential in preventing the formation of cataracts in your eyes as well as with its anti oxidant properties it works as an anti aging factor.

    Where to get it from?

    Now that you understand the importance of this Vitamin, it’s good to know how to source it & include it in your daily diet. All the types of oil are rich source of vitamin E. So if we neglect oil, we are neglecting essential fatty acids too. Vitamin E is not a single element; it is a group of 8 elements. Oils and vegetables contribute different elements to our body. Grains like wheat, vegetables like ripe tomatoes, spinach, nuts like almonds and walnuts and fruits like avocado are rich sources of Vitamin E.  Almonds and olive oil are considered among the richest source of this vitamin.

    Having it the right way!

    Eating the vegetables & fruits in a raw state will provide you with the maximum amount of Vitamin E. Deep frying or cooking on a high flame or at high temperature destroys vitamin E. So it is very important that the food in cooked at the right temperature with the right method to retain the essential elements in the meal.

    What happens in case you don’t get enough of Vitamin E?

    The chances of deficiency of the vitamin are rare but if it happens, it leads to damage of skin cells, in worst case scenario it can lead to a fatal condition where blood cells rupture and damage the body. An extreme case can also be responsible for muscle loss and neurological disorders.  As the deficiency is rare, toxic effects from overdose are also rare. I am sure this information has helped you to understand the essential element of Vitamin E, what it helps the body in as well the side effects caused by its deficiency.

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