Permanent Fat Burning: Eat or not to Eat?

Its a common scene at gym to have on going discussions of “Weight loss”, let me share one  with you, a group of females were talking with each other regarding their “Weight loss”, most of them had complaints to share with others,, again the same complaints – “I am not eating anything in a day still my weight is not moving a gram!! And sometimes at worst “I am gaining instead of losing L “ the girl said sadly, can you assume the problem with her?? There may be many reasons but the clearly visible here is the “Not eating”. Can not eating be a reason for being fat?? Yes!! Absolutely, and it is the most prominent reasons in most of the times.

Lets see how! Assuming that the girl had no breakfast in the morning or say may be she had tea and 2 biscuits (oh! Poor stomach!!) now she had worked out and as an effect known as ‘After burn’, body is in top gear, ready to spend more energy! But by not eating she had slowed down the metabolism. As she has hardly ate anything ,body takes it as a starvation and in the response it releases a hormone ‘kortisol’. Its duty is to protect the body at the time of starvation by slowing down the metabolism and storing food as fat for later.

Why every two hours??

The time taken by our digestive system to digest the food completely and absorb the nutrient. So aft every two hours our system is ready to take another dose of nutrients. Another important reason for frequent eating is to save muscles. Unlike the carbs and fat, protein can not be stored in the body. Our body requires the protein every 2.5 hours at max, and if it doesn’t provided through diet, body breaks down own muscle in order to have protein. And loss of muscle leads to low energy sparing, low strength and slow burn of fat!! So repeating again if  “Fat Loss” is your ultimate goal, have a small meal every two hours that comprises complex carbs and lean protein.

Eating two hours seems like eating too much in a day, but the key is just to divide your 3 big meals into 6 smaller meals every two hours. So you will be eating all the time, still feel light , stable and happy all the day. And when body get its supply regularly, it does not see the requirement to hold on to its fat stores, and that leads to mobilization of fat and use it for energy. Meaning Welcome to lean muscular body and goodbye to Fat storage forever.

Eat healthy !! stay healthy!!

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