Permanent Fat Burning: Water and Fat Loss

Let me share with you one secret to successful fat loss , sometimes back after a exhausting session of cardio exercise, I was feeling very tired, and my fitness trainer told me that, if he can give me something that can almost instantly increase my strength and capacity for aerobic exercise, plus he told me that that substance has no side effects. I was thinking that he must be talking about some steroid kind of drug, but to my surprise, he offered me a glass of water, yes aft after having water i felt replenished, fresh and ready to hit another vigorous exercise session.

Yes Its our plain old water, no secret that it increases our performance and improve the physique. We cant recognize it when we are hydrated, but if we are even slightly dehydrated,  we can suffer from headache, tiredness and fatigue. Did it ever happened with you?? That you feel sluggish in the morning, sometimes even didn’t want to get out of bed?? Most probably you are dehydrated!!

Water and Fat loss:

As we know that kidneys are responsible for flushing out body toxins through urine. In the dehydrated state, body holds on whatever water it has in order to survive. That way water retention occurs, so the toxic is still inside the body. To share this overloads of kidney, liver comes into picture, and it helps kidneys to get rid of the toxics. While doing so, it can not do its own job efficiently- the job of processing stored fat and burn it for energy. The result, less  fat is burned if our body is in dehydrated state.

Myth: Drinking lots of water makes you retain it.

Truth: the opposite is true for the above sentence, when you consume adequate amount of water, body senses that , and when you are no longer dehydrated, body doesn’t need to hold on to the water it has. And the result is no water retention or bloating.

How much should we drink??

8-10 glass a day is the minimum amount water to start with, but the actual requirement of the water in the body depends upon many factors like

  • Large people need more water then small people.
  • Highly active people needs much more water then sedentary.
  • People living in hot and humid environment requires lot more water than the ones live in cold and dry environment.

The one way to know that your body is hydrated, by the colour of your urine, when your body is in dehydrated state, the urine would be concentrated and its colour would be darker, so we should drink water enough that the colour of urine is clear, not even pale.

Drink water regularly, to ensure the fat loss, even before your body asks for it. Whenever take sip, have more!!

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