Permanent Fat Burning: Eat Your Breakfast

To start your day filled with energy and keep it energized all the day ,its very important to eat your breakfast. When we wake up, our body is in fasting state , because its at least 8-10 hours past we have ate anything , so our nutrient stores are almost empty and if we skip the breakfast, our body will activate the starvation response system.

Its like when we stuff ourselves for whole day and then don’t take meal on time, our digestion system become insecure about the next meal, so it starts storing the incoming food as fat to survive in the food less times. It gets confused about when we are going to have the food. So it activates its survival instinct and drastically reduces its energy usage.  Let’s take an example if your income suddenly drops down and become highly irregular, then what will you do?? You will start saving more and spending less, similarly, if you do not eat regularly, your system will start storing the food as fat and reduces the energy sparing by slowing down the metabolism.

By eating breakfast we can prevent this starvation response and fulfil the nutrient stores and we can keep ourselves energized for all the day. Eating breakfast prevents to have sugar cravings at late evenings.  When we do not eat breakfast, then our system sends signals to the brain to get the food, so brain releases hormones which pushes us to have carbohydrates, the more is gap between the meals , more hunger attacks we are to prone to have, and then finally we are susceptible to eat mostly unhealthy food like sweets, chocolates etc. And thus addition in fat only.

So if losing fat is your ultimate goal then never skip your breakfast.

Eat healthy stay healthy!!

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