Weight loss v/s Fat loss

‎”Weight is largely meaningless as an index of fitness, health, physical attractiveness, or practically anything else related to human beings. what matters is body composition, not weight. Body fat percentage is a measure of body composition. Unlike weight, body fat percentage addresses the all important questions of what your body is made up of.” -Rob Faigin, author of “Natural Hormonal Enhancement”.

‎”Losing weight is the wrong goal. You should forget about your weight and instead concentrate on shedding fat and gaining muscle!”-Dr, William Evans, author of “Biomarkers”.

We see that everyone is talking about weight loss now a days, and most of the time most of the people says that “No diet, no exercise, no surgery” and many things like that.  Do you think it is possible?  its like the ads in the local trains – “no degree, no experience – still earn upto 50000 a month, is it possible?? Think yourself.  and something like “lose 5 kg in 5 days or 10 kg in 20 days”.. etc . is it any bravery in losing weight like this? Take any diuretic and  lose weight immediately, similarly what happens when you fell? all the illness like malaria, typhoid, and specially with lose motion weight loss occurs immediately, because of dehydration .this  is merely water weight, and it bounces  back very fast once you start eating and drinking.  So losing weight is  not something of prime importance, rather the most important thing is to lose the “Fat”. although weight loss will occur automatically when fat loss will be there.

Fat is the main culprit which affects our health. So the one that should go is the “FAT”.  The fat does not go all of a sudden, it does not vary like water, it takes time, and yes very hard efforts, but it surely goes. And to lose the fat at steady manner, and to keep it off permanently , all we require is to have planned actions.  In next series of articles we will see in detail each factor that affects the fat loss.

Main factors that helps to achieve Fat loss are:

  1. Exercise Regularly
  2. Sufficient Water intake.
  3. Eating Breakfast regularly
  4. Eating Small frequent meals
  5. Avoid Processed and white food consumption
  6. Eating vegetables in each meal
  7. Avoiding outside food
  8. Eat Food combinations that results in fat loss
  9. Follow Meal timings – eating atleast 2 hours prior to bedtime
  10. Allow Food tapering (calorie tapering)

We will see each of them in detail – how it affects or helps to achieve fat loss.

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