A Sample Balanced Diet Plan

Unlike any of the fad diets you would find pasted over the internet, here is a proper and nutritious sample diet for people who want to loose weight the right way!

While preparing a diet chart few things should be taken care like

  • Caffeine specially taken on empty stomach has worse effects, so I have avoided it as bed tea or coffee, you can take it with meals, but avoid taking it on empty stomach.
  • On the contrary, fruits are best while taken on empty stomach, so take them as first thing in the morning, or after 2 hours of your meal. Avoid fruit immediately after any meal.
  • If our food is digested before we fall asleep, our body has better chances to have the all nutrients it needs. So have your last meal (Dinner) two hours prior to bedtime.
  • When our body does not get food at regular interval of time, it develops food anxiety and it might take it as a starvation, and because of that it turns itself into starvation mode, meaning it burns less calories at rest, and feeling less hungry, low metabolism etc. so overall, if the gap between meals would be much longer, the food we eat would be converted as fat instead of used for energy. So eat frequently & never have more than 3 hours gap in between meals.
  • Avoid calorie dense food like fried food, sweets, pastries etc.

Sample diet:

6-6.30 am: (Within half hour of waking up) – any mid size fruit. ( mango, apple, banana, bowl of papaya, muskmelon, watermelon, orange,)

7.30-8 am: (within an hour of meal 1) serving of carbs with lean protein ( museli/oat, poha, upma, sandwich, idli-sambhar, dosa, pancakes, sprouts salad) + milk products (Milk, cheese, curds)

9.30 – 11 am: (mid meal) handful of peanuts/chana/almonds/walnuts/khakhra etc

12.30 – 1 pm: (Lunch) 3-4 chapati/1 tbsp rice + 1 bowl dal/pulses + 1 bowl vegetable(leafy one is preferred)  + few pieces of raw veggies (salad)

2.30 -3 pm: (mid meal) 1 bowl curd/ 1 cup milk/ 1 cheese slice

4.30 – 5 pm: (mid meal) Brown bread sandwich/ khakhra with cheese spread/ dhokla / idli /plain dosa

6.30- 7 pm: (mid meal) any fruit/ milk/ butter milk

Now this meal should contain least carbohydrate. And at least one milk product to ensure good sleep at night.

8- 8.30 (dinner) :  1-2 chapati / 1 tbsp long grain rice + dal  + salad + 1 bowl veg.

For elderly people or someone who works late at night, they should take one more meal.

10- 10.30 – 1 glass plain milk.

Nutrition value:

Energy: 2200 cal
Calcium: 1.1 g
Iron: 43 mg
Retinol (vitamin A): 800 microgram
Thiamin (vitamin B1) : 1.9 mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 1.4 mg

Download the PDf for a Sample Balanced Diet

93 thoughts on “A Sample Balanced Diet Plan

  1. I am a 30 years old female of hieght 4′ 10″ and weight 53 kg. I am working for 8 hours daily but my work is more of sitting types so i used to do a 20 minutes workout everyday. but I want a perfect health. I am married with no kids yet and not even any issues. what should be my balanced diet in terms of calories, carbs, fat, protiens, vitamins, etc. according to you?

    1. Hi first sorry for replying late. Okay. Let me guide you here. Nutrition plan can not be ganeralized to guide you for the same I would require to know your schedule in detail so I work out your meal according to your activity level. Thanks awaiting for your detailed schedule. You can mail it to amipaneri@gmail.com too.

  2. Hi Ami, I am a 31 yr old married female with no kids. Am TTC. I weigh 50 Kg and am 5 feet 4 inch tall. Have small-medium body frame. My waist/tummy area is larger in proportion to to my legs/hands/chest. This could be because i was severely under weight (43 Kg) until 24 yrs of age. Then i started to increase my calories by 500 a week(had lot of junk in it) and reached 48 Kgs within 2-3 months. I work for a desk job. My only activity is my cooking for 2 hours every morning and once in a week household cleaning. That resulted my tummy to grow. Rest of my body also had put on weight but not as much as my tummy. Now, i have already increased my calorie intake by 300 calories from past 1 week and i want to reach 55 Kgs by keeping the tummy same(or with minimal increase). Dont know how to acheive this. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  3. Mam my height is 5.11 and my weight is 88 kg and age is 22.
    Mene pora aik month buhat tough exercise ki jis se mene 5inch belly loose kia aur 3inch waist lekin weight sirf 3kg kam hoa.
    Mam plz tell me k mera kitna weight hona chahiye?

  4. Hi Ami,

    I’m kranthi, i work for night shift, please suggest the best diet for me.
    Work timings: 7.30 PM to 4.30 AM.

    Kranthi Andoju

  5. Hi !! I am 11 years old, I am 46 kg and my height is 5’1. Can you plan a balanced diet shedule for me . I also want to disscuss about my mother . She is 37,her weight is 80kg and her height is 5’5. She is over waited and she is broad framed . Plz tell me a diet plan for her as soon as possible .

  6. Hey i hav broad body structure, i m 17 year old, 5’10 weight- 90kg, i used to gym bt left got fat in my stomach region and got heavy thighs and i m nt able to follow this routine as i go to scholl and basically dnt work out and neither play any games

  7. Hi! I am amlan.I am 5’5″ and 84 kg .my age is 30+….I am a school teacher…though I tried a crash diet but I couldn’t lose my weight..I am very eager to maintain a proper diet chart.please make a proper diet chart for me.my working hour is from 11 to 4.30 pm.

  8. hi mam, my age is 21 and my weight is 67kgs and height is 5.2 after leaving my gym classes i have become more fat now i am having menstrual problems also i have consulted a doctor too. please mam give me a diet chart for loosing weight i really need your help because i have to loose weight for a regular menstrual cycle….please need your help…thank you

    1. Dear sreya

      The diet plan given above will surely work for you. U need to eat regularly and exercise regularly. Eat non processed home made meal every 2.5 to 3 hours and exercise at least 4 days a week. Your problems will be corrected soon.

    1. Cheese is excellent source of calcium and protein. But being concentrated source of energy we need to be cautious. So I just recommended a slice- 15 g at a time and that also as a meal in itself. A cheese slice in whole wheat sandwich will not do any harm while the same will do damage on the pizza.. hope you got my point.

  9. Hi mam,
    My age is 19 years , my weight is 90 kg. and height is 5.11.
    i have started going for a walk of about half an hour in the morning i want to loose my weight up to 20 kg. please help me by giving a proper diet chart which would really help me and i am a vegetarian…plz help me out mam..

  10. I am 10 yrs. My weight is 46.I eat daily egg,chicken250 gms once in a week and 4-5 almond and 01 glass of milk. I take 4-5 paratha in a day and rice of 150 gms also I do skipping daily for 45 minutes. Mam please tell me how to reduce weight.

    1. hi Rimjhim, pls dont eat healthy and dont cut down on eating, its your growth age do not interfere with the bodily systems, all you should do is avoid junk food and involved in any outdoor game you like, play it regularly. dont do any fad diet

    1. Hi Neha, I am not charging for online consultancy, and weight loss diet ideally should not be changed completely but can be tweaked time to time say 20 days or when you hit plateau – meaning stopped fat loss.

  11. Hi,
    My height is 5.10, weight ,92 kg. Before 5 yr, I was 75. I had a knee operation and after that my weight inc. Suddenly. I love to eat, so unable to mantain diet. Again in may 2012 … I have another knee operation (ACL injury ). I want to reduce my weight. Plz inform me about a perfect diet for 4-5 months,so that I can reduce my weight. My age is 25, I m an IT employee.
    plz help.

    Thanks & degrade

  12. What i do not realize is actually how you are now not actually much more well-favored than
    you might be now. You’re very intelligent. You realize thus significantly in relation to this topic, produced me in my opinion imagine it from numerous numerous angles. Its like men and women aren’t involved unless it is one
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    At all times take care of it up!

  13. Hello Ma’am,
    I am a Male , age 16 , height 6.2 , weight 80 .
    I live in Chandigarh and my weight is growing. My Fat on my stomach n thighs is growing .
    For which i need a BALANCED DIET CHART .
    Kindly Help. I will be very grateful to you.
    Thanking You,

    Yours Affectionately,
    Ishaan Pratap Singh.

  14. Hi ,

    I’m a 15 year old girl , 65 kgs , and height of 157 inch … I would love to reduce my weight. please let me a suitable diet !!!!!!!


  15. Hi,am avni..am 22 yrs old,my height is 161cm and weight is 98 kgs..please suggest me a balanced diet to reduce weight..

  16. Hey…..i am 26 years old and working as an accountant….my weight is 70 kg and hight 164 cm…
    I am going for gym and doing it 3 days a week……m food habit is very bad due to busy schedule in the offic…..but the abovr mentioned diet plan..u r asking to eat alot….so m confused…..
    Please tell me a diet plan considering the excercise as well

  17. hi am suji.. my age is 22 and i am 5′ 3 and i weigh 54 kgs… the thing is my tummy looks fat and though am having a good physic it looks really odd when i wear a tight fitting dress . please suggest regarding it:-)

  18. hi im 20 years old i have fat belly in my stomach,what i have to do,which food i have to avoid,belly is not so big, but i want to reduce my belly fat tell me the tips reply to my mail id, i have so much hair loss tell me about the diet to reduce hair loss

  19. Hi,
    i am 27 years and my weight is only 57 kg and height 6ft. I use to go for gym. Can you please suggest what should be added in my daily intake.

  20. Hi Ami,

    I’m 30 years old, height 5.35, weight 54. I’m quite slim built but my major concern is my tummy and hips they are a little too big for the rest of my body. I work for an MNC and do a day shift, my breakfast had at 8.45 is generally a glass of milk and 4-5 slices of bread with either butter or mayonnaise, which I skip often but make up for it by having lassi with fruits at 11-11.30. My lunch at 1.30 is 2 chapatis, 1 small cup of rice, dal, some sabji and a glass of buttermilk. Dinner time varies from 8.30 to 10.30 and is generally off late a glass of Ragi malt if not I prepare a cup of rice item and sometimes I go empty stomach. Help!

  21. dear mam,
    i hit gym regularly and people say that at least 3 hour gap should be maintained from last food intake for going gym,then another 3 hour in gym,then altogether it becomes around 6 hours,how to manage this for max 3 hour gap theory?

    1. Generally we eat three big meals. Breakfast. Lunch and dinner. So in order to get them digested we need to avoid excercise just aft them.

      Why do you spend three hours in gym? Anything more than 60 mins will do harm than good.

      Example of time.

      6.30 wake up. Eat a banana.
      7.00 start excercise.
      8.00 stop excercise
      By 8.30 have protein milk and sandwich.

      Then after every 2.5 to 3 hrs take some meal.

      Hope this is clear now.

    1. Hi.

      Height is totally genetical factor so you can not do much about it but yes calcium and protein ensures the proper growth. So listen to your mummy and have home made food she makes for you. Dont say no to milk. It has both protein and calcium and involve urself in sport.
      All the best. Avoid junk as far as possible.

  22. My age is 28yr, height is 5ft 11. weight is 90 kg. Built is muscular. Can You plz suggest breakfast option.i skip breakfast maximum times. I hate indian(Idli, upma, puri, poha, noodles etc) dish.

  23. Hi mam,

    I am pradheepa and am 24yrs old. My height is 5.5 and weight is 68. I have to reduce 10kg of my weight. Plz help me

  24. Hi.I am 20,I weigh only 45 kgs.I’m 5’6.I am very thin.I eat a lot.but still don’t put on weight.my weight has remained same since past 3-4 years.please suggest me how to increase my weight…should I worry ?

  25. hi mam, i’m 23, my wt is 63kg, 5.2 inch. i’m dark in colour. i want a become fair and slim . i’m not expecting too much of fairness atleast a clear skin. can u suggest me a diet to maintain a healthy skin and to decrease my weight

  26. Hi Ami,

    Great Article!

    As mentioned in the beginning of this article this sample diet is for people who want to lose weight.

    My body type is kind of skinny and i want to gain weight. what are the tweaks would you suggest to make it helpful for people who are trying to gain weight.

    Also, i would like to know about the protein,carbohydrate,fat requirements per day by our body to keep the weight stable. And how can i keep track of them in my daily consumption of food.


  27. Hi,
    i am 25yrs old, married with no kids. my height is 5’8.5″ and weight is 76kgs.i had PCOD problem but now its nearly over. for this i have gained a lot of weight and also thanks to my job where i only sit n sit.my doctor says i need to loose 10kgs to get a normal weight. i am working on a diet for last 1 n half weeks. i want to share it with you so you can guide me what to do more or where to change.
    wake up 8am, have a glass of water after brush.
    i have a cup of tea n 2/3 buiscuits around 8:30am
    while leaving for office i have a glass of fruit juice around 9:30am.
    i have a breakfast of either 2 idlis / poha / 2 vada and sambar around 11 after reaching office.
    i have my lunch around 1:30 to 2pm consisting of 2/ 3 rotis , dal , sabji.
    i have fruits such as apple around 3:30 to 4pm(i sometimes miss this but try to have it as much as possible)
    i try and have oil free snacks at 6 but mostly end up having oily ones.
    i have 2 pcs brown bread / a fruit / Maggie around 8pm while making dinner.
    i have dinner at 11 consisting of 3rotis, dal, sabji and 1 sweet.
    i don’t get time for gym can you guide me some exercises i can do at home. i try and have a walk after dinner but only if i have energy left for it.

  28. Hi! Can you give me a proper diet and good exercise to help me with my tummy.I’m 29. I have 3 kids. Small body frame.I think I’m 43kgs.4’3height. I’m kinda thin. My problem is my love handle and kinda big tummy. It don’t look good.what exercise can you recommend that will help reduce my love handle without losing weight or other body fats?thanks..

  29. Hi..
    I am 18 years old now. I m 5’4 n my weight is 40 kgs ..I m underweight . Any suggestions ..how can I gain weight ?

  30. Are u still active here and help ? If u are, can u please me guide me with a good diet plan. Please let me know if u active and i will send u my details on the email above provided by you.

  31. Dear Mam,

    My height is 6 feet, weight ,54 kg. Before 2 yr, I was 60. Day by day my weight decrese. Suddenly. I want to increase my weight. Plz inform me about a perfect diet chart,so that I can increase my weight. My age is 21Years. Piz mam give me a perfect diet chart with time.
    plz help.

    Thanks & degrade

  32. Hi Amy,
    Your diet plan is amazing though I have just read it, okay I’m 24 with 5’8 height n weight approx 64kgs but there are two problems in me I believe, one is low BP n other is my stomach area has increased. I smoke but not more than 4 cig. In a day n i don’t exercise much. Can you suggest me something please.

  33. Hi Ami,

    I get up at 5:30 and go for aerobics classes from 6 to 7 am. I have breakfast at 8:30 am. and then lunch at 12PM and tea+snacks at 4:30 PM followed by dinner at 7:30 PM.

    I have 1 chappathi and curry in breakfast, 2 chappati +curry in lunch and 2 chappati+curry in dinner. I feel that i am not having proper nutrition diet. Please help me creating a diet plan for me.


  34. ma’am im 14 yrs old and i weigh 65 kg . I am very over weight . my height is 5’4. pls suggest a suitable diet for me
    .p.s my hectic schedule doesn’t give me time to play or exercise.

  35. hello ma’am,
    i am 21 years old, height 5’4″, weight 59kgs . i have gained a lot of fat on my belly and back of thighs in last 6 months. can u please suggest me a proper diet plan that i can adopt to reduce this fat from my body?
    moreover i am not a fan of salad so if u please can suggest some alternative to it?

    1. i have a slightly different routine.i sleep late at night around 2am and wake up at 7am (working days) and 10am on holidays. so if u can suggest the diet plan according to that time?

  36. Hi! I am 16 years old, female (student). My height is 5’3 and weight is 62 kg. I am fair complexioned but have dark circles under my eyes. They make my face look so dull and tired. I take complete 8 hrs sleep and do try everything like cucumber juice, potato juice etc but there are no results.
    Beside daily exercise, my weight too is increasing day by day.

    My school timings are from 8am- 2:30 pm. (Mon-fri)
    Also, coaching classes from 8:45am- 4pm. (Sat-sun)

    Please suggest me a nutritious diet according to my schedule which helps me reduce my weight and also these dark circles. And also for a glowing skin.

    Reply as soon as possible. Please tell your email id.
    Thank you.

  37. Hi! I am 16 years old, female (student). My height is 5’3 and weight is 62 kg. I am fair complexioned but have dark circles under my eyes. They make my face look so dull and tired. I take complete 8 hrs sleep and do try everything like cucumber juice, potato juice etc but there are no results.
    Beside daily exercise, my weight too is increasing day by day.

    My school timings are from 8am- 2:30 pm. (Mon-fri)
    Also, coaching classes from 8:45am- 4pm. (Sat-sun)

    Please suggest me a nutritious diet according to my schedule which helps me reduce my weight and also these dark circles. And also for a glowing skin.

    Reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  38. hi ,

    Iam 29yrs old(male).Iam working for night shifts.Please suggest me what is the diet I have to take.Iam not taking proper sleep due to disturbances in timing and food.I have a loose body also

  39. Hi I am 45 years old my weight is 66 kg & my height is 5’11”. I want to know the balanced diet for me.i am non vegetarian but I am thinking to shift to vegetarian, I will have one non veg meal on Sundays only.my life style is not sedentary.everyday I play badminton for one hour with college going boys competitively.but my food habits are bad.please suggest me the balanced diet.I go for swimming alternate day for 45 min.thanking you.

  40. Hi Ami, My name is sunil, working in a company 50 km far from my home, i use to travel daily about 100 km on roadways. I awake at 5.30 am and give
    1 hour to myself to get ready for job, about 6.30 am I started my
    journey to Job. During my Job time i have to sit in front of computers
    and care them. about 1.30 pm I stated back to my home. and about 3.30
    pm i generally reached to home.

    after this I used to look after my own restaurant till 11.00 pm. This
    is my fix daily routine,

    My details are

    Age – 30 yrs

    Height – 5′ 10″

    Body structure- Normal ( a round tummy man)

    weight – 85 Kg


    Job- from dec 2011

    Restrnt from Jan 2013

    mam now i am feeling some Tiredness and some pain in full body.. i
    cant avoid any of them (my job and business). Kindly suggest me a
    Healthy Diet Menu, i will be thank full to you.

  41. hi mam i m 18yrs old n m fond of junk food bt i cm up wid a tummy wich i realy dn lyk m a studnt so mostly i used to sit n study.pls advise or suggest me to reduce my tummy soon.

  42. Hey.. I’m 18 years old. My weight is 60 kg. I live in Bangladesh. Please suggest me how can I lose weight and get a perfect shape. please reply as soon as possible.

  43. Dear Ami

    I am 31 Years old my weight is 67 hight is 5″1.I am married and I have one boy.
    I am working for 8 hours daily but my work is more of sitting types.theresult big tummy stomach and myhands look very fatty.Its look i am bulky. so pls suggest good diet and advice. i wants to lose my wieght .

    Thanks &regads


  44. Hii ma’am
    I m 22 n 5,3 wting 55 kgs
    Hw cud i increase my height, also i want to reduce my wt ….
    Plz mk a healthly diet chart 4 me
    M vry thankful to u…

  45. hi mam
    i am a seassonal worker of tourism and you know i hvnt regular time to eat and proper blance diet. i am 25yrs,5.5inch and 70 kgs. i want to loss my some weight will you sugest someting to redious my weight….

    thanks for your time..

  46. hi

    i am a seassonal worker of tourism and you know i hvnt regular time to eat and proper blance diet. i am 25yrs,5.5inch and 70 kgs. i want to loss my some weight will you sugest someting to redious my weight….

    thanks for your time..

  47. Hi Ami,
    I am 29 yrs, weight 75 kgs & height 5’3. I have PCOD. I have 2 kids. My problem is i haven’t taken care of my weight from the time i came to know about PCOD & also post pregnancy. Because of this i have a big belly. I have started walking but also need a right diet plan to help me reduce my tummy fat. I don’t mind taking personal consultancy as well.

  48. Hi mam . I seriously wanted to thank u first ur doing a great job

    i m pranay 26years of age i am a wrking professional i usually hav small food in small quantities. I overeat when food tastes really good . I hav developed chubby cheeks which i hate . My weight is very normal . Plz suggest me good diet plan to loose chubby cheeks and also maintain good lifestyle

    thank u much in advance

  49. Hello mam
    i am underweight(hyt 5′ 7″ weight 42kg) and student..plz tell me how can i increase my weight..i tk 3 whole meals and lots of milk..dnt hv any health issues

  50. Hi, I am 32 year-old married woman (no kids). I am 5’3″ tall and weigh 67 kgs. I suffer from PCOD. Except for that I do not suffer from any ailment. I have a sedentary job of a business consultant. Because of my work, I often have to keep late hours.

    In my early to mid twenties, I used to be at my ideal weight of 54-57 kgs. As soon as I entered my late thirties, my weight woes have continued! 🙁 I exercise regularly (either brisk walk or yoga) for at least 35-40 mins (6 days a week), eat at regular intervals (2-3 hrs), have sweets (only occasionally), do not binge eat, do not have aerated drinks or liquor, have at least 12 glasses of water, I do not manage to lose weight. Can you please help me.

  51. Respected Madam,

    I am 38 years old, married with two kids, living in Chennai. My Dad had Diabetes, When i had my second child delivery i got Gestational diabetes, in the year 2007, till now it is not reduced. I am taking insulin injection as well as tablets. If you can help me the diet system that which i have to follow to keep the sugar in control or any regular activities apart from my routine( basically i am a Housewife) works. Please reply me madam.

  52. Hi Ami,

    I am a 30 yr old married female with no kids. I weigh 45 Kg and am 5 feet tall. Have small-medium body frame. Am with this weight from past 10 years. No gain, no loss. Am aneamic but no health issues till now. Doctor suggested me to increase my weight at least to 50Kgs. I tried a lot but I dint put on my weight. At present am not working. My only activity is my cooking for 2 hours every morning and once in a week household cleaning. Dont know how to acheive my 50kgs weight with good diet..

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  53. Dear Ami,
    M a lacto ovo vegetarian. I used to eat out daily, 3 meals a day for last 10 years. Now, I have a cook at home but due to the past account, I suffered from colitis, piles, Vit. B12 and D3 deficiencies (and resultant disorders) alongwith poor immunity resulting into frequent illness.
    Also I have a sitting job so my weight has increased from 58 to 65 with regular fluctuations in last 3 years. My height is 5’4″. I started gymming 1 month back to maintain a fit body and correct posture which I will be replacing with similar or better activity like swimming/kickboxing.
    Can you suggest what additions or modifications in the above plan (sample dietplan) will help me reach my objective better?

  54. Hey,

    I am 21 years of age. 5 9 height and weight is around 85. I work and mostly I am at my workplace (sitting) . I cycle it to office and back , roughly 3.5Km a day. I was diagnosed with Slip Disc on my L5-S1. About my diet ! In the morning I eat an apple ( at around 8 30am). By around 10 am i have a chicken sandwich or some south Indian breakfast. Lunch is at 1 which is proper ( Dal roti/rice , some veggi). Dinner is at 8 pm which is generally light.

    I am worried about my health as I have a LOT of hair fall and do not loose weight easy. Cannot workout much because of my slip disc.

    A friend told me diet plays an important role in avoiding cancer ?

    Please Advise.

  55. Hello mam i am 17 yr old my height is 5.7 & my weight is 86kg. i want to reduce it plz suggest me a diet and i do jogging daily for 1.2 mile

  56. Hi,
    my height is 5.8 ” and weigh is 83 kg and 36 years old married man. what do you think about it i am smart or not? Further please tell me about my diet and excercise also. I am crazzy about walk and do it on reqular basis upto 2 to 3 km daily.

  57. Hi mam,

    Just mailed u my problem please suggest me a good diet plan plzzz. Also is it good to have fruit juice I love fruit juice but I m scared if that really adds weight


  58. Hi mam,my height is 5ft 4in & weight is 54 kg.I am married & have no children though planning from next year.I want a healthy meal plan so that I don’t have any problem conceiving.Please suggest some exercises since I dont know what to do during my periods.Please help.

  59. I m 22 yrs old male with height 5’11” and weight 95 kg.
    Could u please recommend me the diet that can help me to reduce weight.

  60. Hii I m 22 years old lady n my height is 5ft 2 inchs my weight is 61 kg n m suffering from thyroid n gaining weight so much. M pure vegetarian Can u plz suggest me diet chart.

  61. Hi mam, I am 23 years of age and I am skinny 50kg of weight and have weak immune system perhaps due to malnutrition. But now I want to put on some weight please suggest me any method.

  62. Mam, I am 47 yrs old man height 5’7″ weight is 81.5 kgs. Is the weight correct if not what should be the ideal weight and what diet plan should I undertake to attain the right weight.

    Best Regards
    Amit Moitra

  63. Can you please suggest a diet chart for pregnant woman? I am pregnant with my second kid and I need advise on what I can eat, which is healthy and doesn’t allow me to put on too much weight. With the first kid I had put on 22 plus kg and it was so hard to lose. Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you.

  64. hello ma’m.. how r u.. how u doing…. ur good work is worth appreciable.. now, my point is , i’m 26 yr old, height 5’10” and weight for the last 5 yrs is constant i.e. 54-56 k.g. .. i don’t do any exercise, also a big no to junk food or any processed food … kindly suggest some suitable diet plan as i always look very much lean (but by god grace never visited any doc till date)..

  65. HI Mam,
    I am a 24 year guy, 5’10” height and 75 kg weight.
    I go to gym 4 days a week.
    My gym instructor told me to have a mass gainer protein powder, though i am little fat at belly.
    Can you guide me if mass gainer is good for me or not??

    Thank You

  66. i’m 27M and i’ve sitting office job from 10-7 or 8, what kind of diet plan and pattern should i follow…can you please guide me…

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