Vitamins & Minerals: Natural or Suppliment??

Vitamins and minerals are essential for normal functioning and without them one cannot survive, although our body requires minute amounts of them. Most of the nutrition expert will agree that the best way to get all the vitamins & minerals you need is to eat a balanced, varied diet. Now the real question comes up..Do we really eat the “Balanced Diet”??  Do we have variations in our food that much?  Ask these questions yourself,

Do you always eat homemade food? Since the food in the restaurants are prepared in large quantities which requires longer cooking time,  the nutrients  of the food diminished if the food is kept on heat for longer time , or re heated repeatedly. Also we would never know when the food is prepared, so we can’t ensure the amount of nutrients while we eat outside. – Always eat homemade food.

Do you really eat the freshly prepared food??  Cause within 4-5 hours of preparation most of the nutrients vanish from the food (oxidize).  – Even the food is homemade, consume within 4-5 hours of preparation, and don’t store it in fridge to eat for next day.

Do we allot more than 15 mins for each of our meal?? 15 mins is the time our brain takes to register that we are full, so if we finish our meal before that, we might get overfeed ourselves.  When you eat in hurry, when your mind is not stable, our body is not able to secret the digestive juices in ample amounts, and if the food is not digested well, how can we expect our system to absorb all the nutrients from the food? – Eat peacefully, without distraction of phone or TV or anything, especially never debate or get stressed up while eating.

Do we have variations in our food? No food is complete food, as different food contributes different vitamins and mineral content in our meal. So in order to get all the required vitamins, we need to take different food from different food groups.  – Eat variety of food for each meal during the whole day.

Do you eat locally grown food??  When food is imported from distant places, they are frozen in cold storage, sometimes even processed too, so when that food reaches to our plate, the nutrients amount can vary with the temperature. Locally grown veggies or fruits are richer in anti oxidants compared to frozen food.

With the above stated points, few more things should also taken care while preparing food, like preparation method can also temper the vitamins and minerals quantity of the food, for example, generally the potatoes are cut , while soaking in water in order to prevent its colour.  And all the water soluble vitamins and minerals are washed out and wasted.  Similarly fruits while peeled and cut into small pieces are having exposed to air and get oxidized before we eat, so all the anti oxidants have been wasted.

Thus we can’t ensure our daily intake of all the vitamins, though it requires very small quantities but it is also true that we can’t be sure of the adequate consumption.   If all or most of the answers of above questions are positive for you, then you might not need a supplement, otherwise its vise to take supplement to ensure the adequate intake of all the vitamins and minerals.

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